Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday Tot School - Plants

Tuesday Tot School was a very fun mish-mash this week.  We have a couple of kids on vacation and are doing a few make up days, so we have about 2 regular Tuesday kids and 2 Thursday kids in one class.  It confused me more than I thought it would :)
 We started off the day playing with play-dough and "planting" flowers from the tot pack into the play-dough.
 We are also focusing a lot on scissor usage and played with the play-dough scissors as well.

 Next we started learning all about the parts of a plant.  We started with a seed.  We learned that seeds have 3 parts: a seed coat, a baby plant, and stored food for the plant to grow.
 I had soaked some large beans overnight and we got to dissect them.
 Then we made a picture of a flower.  I had all the pieces pre-cut and each child got their own glue stick.  I went from kid to kid having each child help me put glue on a certain spot for the flower.  In between turns they got to glue all over. The most important thing they learned is that glue is sticky :)

 I showed them how to tuck the petals under the circle and they got to do that part on their own.
 We also glued on a piece of yarn as the roots.
 We did some one-on-one labeling of the parts of the flower.  For the most part they were able to point out the different parts.
 Playing with the magnetic bulletin board about plants.
 We also had a few puzzles around for exploration.
 Reading a magazine about plants.

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