Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I love school outside!

We had a fantastic time outside today.  I love doing school outside and am so glad the weather finally cooperated.  With the new setup of the backyard (new patio and walkway with some new storage furniture pieces) all the kids are completely independent at getting out the toys and tools they want and putting them away.  Yay!  They had tons of fun playing in the sandbox, climbing the climbing wall and "feeding" the horse dandelions. 
 We worked on our letter Z and reading the Amazing Action Alphabet mini reader book.  We're doing excellent at blending those sounds together.  I love that they are self correcting their b's and d's and making their best efforts to read with me!
 This afternoon we had a super awesome lesson about digraphs.  We learned the digraph /ch/ today because it was prominent in our baggy book story.  It is so fun to start teaching slightly more advanced phonics and see the world of reading open up more and more to them.  I love that we had our lesson and then they were able to take their work pages and find a place in the yard to work.  The variety of work spaces was fun.  Who knew 3 girls could fit on that little yellow bench?
 Along with super reading (we practiced using all of our reading strategies) we also worked on counting to 100 by ones and by tens.

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