Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mud and Worms - Preschool A

After sorting through 300 pictures and then crashing my photo collage software, I finally have the photos to share from Mud and Worms day.  This is one of my favorite days of school.  I shovel some dirt from the garden into a swimming pool.  Then we search for all the worms we can find in it.
 We read about worms and learn about their characteristics and how they help the earth.  And then we feed the worms to the chickens or put them in a safe home in the garden.
 Then, with the aid of another pool of water, I turn the kids loose to explore...
 There is a lot of working together, playing, and finding even more worms.
 I love the mud kitchens that pop up and the different items kids decide to make.  Today in class they were making cinnamon pancakes (the very large mud mess on the table is the over-sized pancake).
 Eventually, we get all sorts of muddy and parents get to come shower off their own kiddos at the end of the day.  I hook my hose up to my shower so it's a warm shower off - that helps keep the worn out kiddos from falling apart.   It's such a fantastic day!

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