Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April Showers Bring May Flowers

This morning in preschool we talked about April Showers.  We talked all about the water cycle and used our recent experience of being wet on Monday and drying in the sun to talk about evaporation.  We acted out the water going up to the sky, making a cloud, and then raining down on us.  We reviewed the letters we've already learned and talked about numerals up to 6.
 This afternoon we worked on our constructing numbers game and started a couple kids on the numerals 50-100.  I did one-on-one assessments to determine which kids were ready for more in reading and math.  Math will keep us on the 100 chart for the next few weeks at least.  Many kids are ready to attack non-decodable texts now in their guided reading groups so we'll be able to move forward and have guided reading groups more similar to what they'll experience in Kindergarten classrooms.  Great learning today!

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