Monday, April 6, 2015

Vegetables and Constructing Numbers

This morning we had a super fun time playing with the kitchen toys and talking all about vegetables.  We learned the letter V and made sure our sound was /v/ and not /vu/.  Try to practice isolating the sound when you teach letter sounds to kids, it will help them in their future reading.  We ate three different types of vegetables for snack time and talked about 3 servings of vegetables each day helps keep our bodies healthy.
 We also learned the numeral 3 today.  We had tons of fun playing with the TouchMath counting app.  A great one for basic recognition of numerals up to 9.  We played with the texture numeral cards and got to jump on the floor numeral mats.  You can find a lot of fun TouchMath ideas here.
This afternoon in preschool B we continued working on Constructing Numbers.  We're using unifix cubes to build the numbers up to 50.  Our focus is on understanding the tens and the units (ones) position in the number.  It's helping us be able to say the numeral if we don't know it (build it, count it) and it's helping us sort out our teens issues.  It seems that the teen numbers are always the hardest to master, they don't follow any of the rules of the higher numbers (like stating the tens before the units).
 We also worked on our guided reading lessons with baggy books and Ready2Read.  I'm loving the "Now I'm Reading" sets that we are using right now to help us solidify sounding out short vowel words.  We're also working in level 2 and B to practice utilizing other strategies like "beginning sound" and "picture clues" to help us figure out what the word says.

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