Monday, May 4, 2015

Quilts, /TH/, and Greater Than/Less Than Alligators

Today was a super awesome day.  It was chalk full of learning and was very energizing.  We learned all about quilts and the letter Q in our morning class.  We read our Q/counting book from the Amazing Action Alphabet and read a book called "A Boy and His Quilt".  I love reading that story because it walks through quilt making from a child's perspective.  I grew up around quilts though my boys have never had that experience I feel like sharing this book helps them a little.  We then made a class quilt with quilt squares that we each colored.
 We worked on what the number zero is and means during math.  We practiced counting numerals on our TouchMath number strips as well.  We also did a shared reading of one of my favorite books, "Rhyming Dust Bunnies".  It is such a fun book and most of the words that I wanted the kids to try and read for me are bold and in red print so it was easy to point them out. Be sure to read it at home and have them read all the parts that they can!
This afternoon we reviewed what /ch/ says and talked about /th/.  Did you know /th/ has a spoken sound (like in "the") and a quiet sound (like in "think")?  Learning to try the two different sounds to determine what the word is can be a bit tricky, but since we already know the word "the" we're already half way there!
 Our guided reading groups explored long vowels and what to do when /ck/ appears in words.  We had a super awesome math lesson where the "alligator wants to eat the biggest number" was explained to start using the signs for greater than and less than.
We had an awesome day of learning!  Keep up the hard work!

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