Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

Today was such a busy fun day.  We had tons of fun making our surprises for Mother's Day.  If you're a mom and don't want a sneak peak you shouldn't read any further until after you've opened your gift.

We started the day in story time reading stories about moms and talking about how our moms are different from each other and perfect for each of us.  We talked about all the things they do for us and how grateful we are to them.  Then we headed to the table to make them some special art.  It was a painting fun mess and they turned out SO cute!
 We also worked on our letter Q activity page from the Amazing Action Alphabet and after our art work was done we wrapped our presents for our moms.  It's fun to use tape and wrapping paper in preschool :).  We also chatted about numerals 0-9 in math time.
 This afternoon was so much fun.  We reviewed the sounds of /ch/ and /th/ and introduced /sh/.  I love the Moffatt Girls Digraph Word Work!  Simple pages to work on a variety of skills.  We talked more about digraphs as well as long vowels and reading strategies in our guided reading groups.
 Math was hilarious today.  I don't even have any pictures.  I start the lesson about basic addition and they look at me like I'm crazy.  One kiddo pipes up: "5+5=10 and 10+10=20."  Well, needless to say my 1+1=2 basic intro wasn't quite on the right level so math was over and we'll hop into more interesting math on Monday.  Boy these kids get smart fast!  We also made lovely painting art for our Mother's Day gifts.  Don't scroll down if you don't want to see it :).
And the completed Mother's Day project:
"You are my sunshine"

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