Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Spiders and Miss Muffet

We had oodles of fun with our Spiders and Miss Muffet theme in preschool today. We played a "Smack the Spider" game to practice the words and letters that we have already learned as well as our new letter S and word "the".
 We practiced the Little Miss Muffet nursery rhyme in a number of different ways throughout the day.
 This is the first introduction to the sight word "the" for the kids.  They have to learn to memorize what it looks like because it doesn't "sound out" like the other words do.  It's the first official sight word that we learn.  I love these clip cards from the Spiders and Miss Muffet preschool pack where the kids can clip the letters on top of the guide to practice reading and making the word "the".
 We also made the sight word watch from the Moffatt Girls.
 For art today we made spiders.  We talked about how spiders have two body parts, eight legs, and many of them have eight eyes.  They practiced using the hole punch to make the eyes and got to use the glue sticks to put the spiders together.

 We then got to play with our spiders for the rest of the day.  They helped us in math to talk about long and short and they helped us in music as we sang "There's a Spider on the Floor" and many other songs about spiders!

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