Wednesday, October 9, 2013


We love letter B and Bubbles day!  We had such a fantastic day learning to make the /b/ sound and playing with bubbles of all sorts.  We played with bubble wands (no solution) during our story time.  We practiced making the /b/ sound every time I pointed out a /b/ sound in one of the books I was reading.  
 We started the day with bubble wrap on the floor for popping with feet as well as bubble wrap on the table for popping with fingers.  We played the letter B game on and with a Bubbles app on the iPad.  We colored letter B watches from the Moffatt Girls and chased bubbles from the bubble blower. We read oodles of stories about bubbles and washed our dishes after snack in a little bit of water and a LOT BIT of bubbles!
 After snack time we got to head outside and everyone got their own bottle of bubbles.  It was amazing to watch as the majority of the kids then spent the next 45 minutes walking around and mingling in different groups as they practiced blowing bubbles.  Just a note to those playing with bubbles: ours weren't producing bubbles at all so I added 2 squirts of dish soap to each bottle, shook it up and then they worked great!  I was totally impressed that only one child spilled their bottle of bubbles.  It's a tot class so I figured there would be lots of spilling.  They are growing up to be so responsible!

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