Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Helpful Kids

I love the theme "Helpful Kids".  We learn about the letter H and we talk about how kids have an important roll to play in the world.  We read few of the "Bucket Fillers" books and talk about how our actions affect not only ourselves, but the people around us.  All day long we get to put pompoms into our class bucket as we're doing things that really help out.

We spend the majority of the day working on our reading skills.  Now that we've introduced the letter H we can work on so many new words (ham, hat).  We love using whiteboards in our reading groups.  I utilize the Amazing Action Alphabet mini readers and write one word per board for each of the kids so they are each presented with a different word they need to read.  We go around the circle many times so that in the end they practice every word, but never right after the person before them. 
 Some of our preschoolers are still working on remembering our letter names and sounds, and that's a perfect place to be!  We practice with our letter cards from Amazing Action Alphabet because the picture of the animal always helps us remember the story about them and the sound they make. We also play funny word games with the white board.  I put a word on like "hat" and together we sound it our really slow, then a bit faster.  Then I'd say something like "I know, it says socks!" and they'd all giggle and we'd talk about how it can't say socks because socks starts with the letter s.  The concept of the letters matching the sounds coming out of your mouth in speech can be a really tricky one to master.  The more you play with the letters and letter games in words the better at this age.  We're having a fantastic time in preschool and I hope you are too!  Check out our Helpful Kids Preschool Lesson Plans Here!

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