Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bears and Bats

We had a great day in preschool today.  We introduced the letter B, the 5th letter in our non-alphabetical order.  We started the day off with drawing and writing about what we play to be for Halloween. 
 Then we read through many books about bears and bats and looked for all the letters that we know.  I did this one letter at a time.  I held up the Amazing Action Alphabet flip book on a letter, we talked about it and then we individually searched for that letter.  Then we'd move onto the next letter.  B was the last letter we did in this game since it was our new letter of the week. I don't have any great pictures, but we spent a LOT of time working on reading the letter B book today.  We talked about the 4 things that really good readers do and we practiced them while reading new words with the letters we've learned.
 As we continued our study about the letter b and bats we learned that bats hang upside down to sleep.  We first talked about what upside down means.  Where is your head when your standing?  What would you look like upside down?  Then we practiced being bats.  We slid the table away from the wall and did headstands one of two ways.  The first way is to look at the wall and walk your feet up the wall (easier).  The second way is to do a headstand like a handstand, looking away from the wall and pushing your feet off the ground and balancing them on the wall behind you.  We LOVE pretending we're bats and this took quite a bit of our time today.  When you're at home make sure you identify what wall this is acceptable to do on, you don't want feet on every wall of your home I'm sure!
 Next we played Making Words. There is a formal Making Words book with printables and activities, but they're geared towards older kids.  We're making words with the letters we've already learned.  There are letter cards in the Bears and Bats Preschool pack.  Cut and laminate the cards and then see what words you can make out of them.  How many two letter words can you make?  How many 3 letter words, and so on.  Make it a big funny deal to make a nonsense word and giggle about it.
 There were so many other things we did today including do-a-dot art, gluing with liquid glue (always a mess the first year around), we learned about "large" and "small" and continued working on our music lessons, calendar lessons and just all around having fun.  Thanks for a great day!  Keep reading at home!

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