Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Ok, we had so much fun today that I simply couldn't do any less pictures!  They are all so great.  We learned about doctors and the letter H today (H the horse is helped at the hospital by a doctor).  Check out the corresponding tot pack here. We had so many activities and so much fun today!  One of the activities that was out right off the bat was filling bottles with pompoms and cheerios.  There were tweezers out as well to make it a little more challenging. Toddlers (and even my kindergartner) LOVE this activity!
 We also had the doctor set out with the baby dolls and about 100 band-aids.  Yes, I let the kids put the band-aids on anything they wanted too.  Yes, I did have to clean up 100 band-aid wrappers and remove band-aids from most surfaces before the day was over.  (A note to the others that may try this at home: If band-aids get put onto clothing or carpet and are left there it is VERY difficult to get off.  I'm fairly certain it took me a few months last year to get some stubborn band-aids off the carpet.)

 We used eyedroppers to paint on coffee filters for art today.  My kitchen table is now stained a lovely hot pink :).  It'll take a few weeks and some magic eraser but it'll eventually return to normal. We used cupcake containers filled with water and food coloring as the paint.  The kids loved to stick their eyedroppers in the paint and then squirt it onto their coffee filter.  Today's theme ended up with lots of fine motor activities, which are fantastic for toddlers!
 After we did some major clean up we got to spend the last 15-20 minutes outside.  It's getting chilly here but they still love to go play!
I can't believe that I forgot to weigh each child and measure their height.  It's something we'll do with preschooler's tomorrow and had intended to do it with the toddlers today but it simply slipped my mind since it wasn't written in my toddler plans.  Oh well!  We had a fantastic day with fantastic kiddos!

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