Thursday, October 3, 2013

Safety - Preschool

Talking about safety helps preschoolers take a possibly abstract rule and understand its importance in keeping them safe.  We love talking about safety at Little Adventures Preschool.  We start the day building puzzles and talking about firemen, policemen, medical personal, etc.  We're also working on the letter S this week as well as recognizing the sight word "the".   In the Safety Preschool Pack there are 41 pages of fantastic activities that relate to staying safe and practicing letter S and the sight word "the", including the money and pockets sorting below. 
 We loved sequencing different events that will help us stay safe, like how to cross the road safely.
 We're currently reading the letter S book from the Amazing Action Alphabet.  It only includes letters that we've already studied (MTAS) and the sight word "the".  We're continuing to work on sounding out the letters in each word.  We talked about how there were spaces on the pages that didn't have any letters.  Those spaces indicate that we need to stop and reread the letters faster and faster until we can say the word.  When we can say the word we get to move onto the next word.
 During art we played with salt on plates and practiced writing the letter S and other letters that we've already learned. LilE was so excited after she wrote this S, and she should be because it looks fantastic!
 We played with the clip cards from the Spiders and Miss Muffet pack on Tuesday.  We're still working on recognizing the word 'the'.

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