Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wednesday Preschool - April Showers

Wednesday Preschool started with puzzles and name tracing, then moved right into cutting.  We spent nearly 45 minutes cutting out the cards we would be using for school and homework.  I was really impressed with the kids as they worked hard to cut out all their cards. They've come a long way!

 After all the cutting we played a the games.  I hope by now you've seen these games in your child's backpack and you have gotten the chance to play them at home.  Stack all the green numbers on the green square.  Put the same number of raindrops on the clouds as the green numeral.  Take the top numeral off and do the next number.  Some kids picked this up very quickly.  When playing at home they just need a thumbs up from an adult to move on to the next number.  Other kids are working on one-to-one understanding need an adult to sit with them and help them put one raindrop on at a time while counting out loud until they reach the desired number. Others are in-between the two stages and will need some assistance.

 Clean up!
 We learned all about the water cycle through books, songs, and videos.
 They were really excited to dance to this water cycle video.
 Afternoon preschool started with our companion reading book that works on the diphthongs /oi/ and /oy/ (like in boy, toy, coin).

 Though they could read these books mostly by themselves I decided to make it the companion reading book because it was quite a struggle to make it through the longer text.

 We also read a level C book "Go Away, Lily!"  We talked about cause and effect, words that start with R, and exclamation marks.

 We've been working on representing numerals to 100.  We did a quick review today before moving on to comparing numbers.

 I've very loosely introduced "greater than" and "less than".  They have pictures of alligators that are going to the beach for the picnic.  They only want to eat the biggest picnic and need to point their mouth towards the largest quantity.  Right now the quantities are shown as base ten block images and most are visually discernible.

 Next week we'll move on to identifying greater than and less than according to numerals (they'll build the numerals with blocks for a bit).

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