Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tot School Thursday - Pets (and bugs!)

We had such a lovely last day of Tot School Thursday today.  We got to talk all about pets.  First thing this morning we started coloring and putting together our TP roll pets.  Everyone made a dog today.  Some of them ended up as striped dogs and some were left more white because other fun things were happening :)

 We practiced sitting on our green mats and listening to stories.  We read all about pets and practiced petting and gently scratching our stuffed animal pets.

 Then we headed outside for snack time of pretzels and applesauce.

 We learned how to sit on the bug bouncers even though we have little bodies.  It was so fun to watch them play with these!

 Still working on snack...
 We also played with the play-dough and scissors.  Keep practicing those scissor skills at home!
 We learned how to play the bug spray game for the bug party tonight.  We needed to fill up the bugs with water and spray off the bugs on the chalkboard.

 We also got out our sensory activity.  Today we played with water beads.  They are really fun to explore.  They're all squishy and wet yet feel a little like marbles.  I think everyone liked them.


 I tried to get a class picture toward the end of the day but it didn't go so well.  I should have done this first thing before we were tired from the day.  They still are so super cute!  "Cute as a bug" you might say.  I'm so glad I get to have so many of them join me again in the fall.  Have a great summer little ones!

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