Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tot School Thursday - Friends

What a blast we had in tot school today!  Our theme was "Friends" since our Mud and Worms theme had to be delayed due to snow, silly Colorado.
 We played with all our favorite toys from the school year.  They love the peg board and are having so much fun advancing in their peg board skills to build towers and such.  Lil'GalP pulled out every board book in our box and put it on my lap today. I preceded to read about 5 books before everyone lost interest :)

 Making huge towers!
 The cars and trucks and blocks also made an appearance.
 And the puppets...

 She was so proud of the little structure she built.  Can you see it with the blue column and triangular roof?

 Of course the puppet box was also a good toy.

 Snack of seaweed salad and apples. Lil'GalP and my boys ate up oodles of the seaweed salad but the others didn't think it was worth eating :)

 Watch out for the dragon!
 We worked on sorting the friends pictures from largest to smallest.
 The trains were quite the hot commodity today.
 Tracing with our fingers.

 Playing doctor...
 We have so much fun with all our friends in tot school every week.  What a fun day!

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