Monday, May 13, 2013

Preschool B - May Math and Reading

Preschool B has been working on developing an understanding of sets greater than 10.  Today we got to explore with a cut and paste base ten printable.  It broke down tens+ones=set.

 After math (which they did excellent at) we moved into reading.  We're now done with our phonics lessons and were able to dive back into interest led reading.  We looked through our encyclopedias for the topic each person was most interested in reading about for the day.
 Lucky for us everyone's first pick had two books on  We printed one book that was at/slightly above their independent reading level and printed a second book that was way beyond their reading level but would make a great companion reading text.
 Then they each took a highlighter and marked all the words in the books that they knew.  We discovered that one of the books they knew almost all of the words in and the other book was quite a bit harder.
 We took turns reading our independent reading book.  Then I read the first page or two of the companion reading text with each child.  As we read I would read words that weren't highlighted and the child would read all the words that were highlighted.  I'm hoping that you've been jointly reading the companion reading books all year long.
 If we came to a word that wasn't highlighted but I thought the child would be able to figure it out I would pause and see if they'd jump in.  If they did and figured out the word then they highlighted it.
 I sent home their highlighters in their companion reading book bags so you could continue through the book in the same fashion, adding highlighted marks as needed.
 Then we headed outside for some play time, song practice and snack.
 At the end of the day we drew and wrote in our journals about what we've learned, liked or experienced in preschool throughout the year.

What a great day of learning!

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