Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mud and Worms - Tuesday

Mud and Worms day is so much fun.  Certainly a favorite of mine.  I apologize that this post is SUPER heavy in the picture department,  I just couldn't resist!
 We started the day inside wiggling through the tunnel like worms and putting short pipe cleaners into a large container.
 I had put circle stickers in each of the rainbow colors on the side of this big container.  Then I drilled holes in the middle of the circles.  Kids took pipe cleaners and put them into the container through the hole that matched the pipe cleaner's color.  They really loved this game and were great at putting one in and then passing it around the table to take turns.

 We read quite a few books about rain, worms and mud.  We've been practicing sitting on our green spots so those that go to preschool next year are accustomed to the routine.
 Snack time of crackers and applesauce.
 We all sat at the kitchen table to check out our worms.  That big tub in the middle is our composting worm box that lives in our house.  The worms eat all our scrap food and give us awesome compost for our garden.

 After holding the worms we headed outside to play.  This class was particularly interested in the water pool.  There were a couple kids who got in the water in the beginning and didn't get out until their moms convinced them too :)

 A little mud art on the swimming pool.

 We also had a few rainbow and color activities in the yard.

 There were a couple girls who just LOVED the squishy bags.

 We mixed blue and red together to make purple, red and yellow to make orange and blue and yellow to make green.

 Towards the end EH decided that the mud pool was awesome enough to stay and play in.  I'm so glad someone decided to take a chance on it!

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