Monday, May 6, 2013

Quilts and Patterns - Monday Preschool

We had some major fun today!
 We started coloring our Q headbands from the Moffatt Girls.

 We also did puzzles and some kids even helped others to get their headbands cut out, a fairly tricky job for our 3 year olds.

 Then we got to learn all about the letter Q, quilts and patterns.  We looked at a quilt my grandmother made for me and talked about all the different pieces of the quilt and how they had to be cut and then sewn together.
 Reading our Q Book from the Amazing Action Alphabet.
 We also read a book called "A Boy and a Quilt" that talked about how a little boy made a quilt.  Next we pulled out oodles of fabric, markers, cardboard (to trace the squares we'd be cutting), scissors, and the sewing machine.  Each child was given the opportunity to cut out their own squares for a small teddy bear blanket they would take home.
 Miss Amanda did end up cutting a couple dozen squares because fabric is so tricky to cut that it was becoming frustrating even for our super cutters.
 They were amazed at the sewing machine and watched in awe as I ran the pieces through it.  They each had to bring me 6 or 9 squares for their quilt.
 Our completed quilts.  Aren't they awesome?
 Today we did the last activity in our Amazing Action Alphabet Activity book.  The book came home today and contains work from all year long.  There is a little note to the parents inside letting you know that we're done with it and any undone pages can be done at home.  There are also Alphabet cards in the back and a number of pages with activity ideas to do at home.
 Afternoon preschool talked about the letters /oo/ as in Snoop.  We had fun reading about a dog detective that solves a mystery in the woods.

 We also reviewed what we had talked about with "greater than" and "less than" numbers.  We drew the angle of the alligators mouth and talked about how we could just draw that sign to show that the alligator would eat the biggest picnic.
 After doing a few with the images of base ten blocks we moved to comparing 2 digit numerals. This can be a bit tricky but they seemed to catch on quite well.
 Be sure to have your child identify the numbers by name as they're working on their homework.  They seem to be doing super great but having a struggle with numbers in the teens.
 While we were working on math EMan headed off to hammer a flat head screwdriver into my grass.  Awesome.
 Here is the obstacle course they decided to build while I got snack ready.
 Yummy snack of blueberries and cucumbers.
 During snack time we practiced singing our songs for our end of year celebration.  It's going to be so awesome!

 Art today was chalk on the big outside chalkboards.  They decided to draw X's on everything around the whole yard.  By the end of the day there were literally X's on everything :)

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