Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving - Tuesday Tot School

On Tuesday in tot school we learned all about Thanksgiving with a focus on what we are thankful for.  We started the day playing with turkey basters to transfer water from one bowl to another.

The loved playing with the Thanksgiving Tot Pack and exploring all the different types of food.

We played with scissors and had scissor practice on scraps of paper.

Super cute Thanksgiving turkey handprints!
Free painting time.
After painting we used turkey and leaf stickers to decorate our papers.
We started playing the turkey grid game in tot school.  It's helpful to make dice that have dots representing only the numbers 1-3 for starters.  Find a homemade dice tutorial here.
Roll the dice and count how many spots are on side that landed on top.  Give your child that many counters.  Counters can be poker chips, pennies, etc.  If your child is starting to learn to count objects work with them to count out that many counters.
Then cover each turkey with one counter.  When all 10 turkeys are covered you are a winner!  If you play with 2 people each person has their own turkey page.  You do not play against each other, but rather you play until you cover all 10, dump off the counters and start again.

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