Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Preschool - Scarecrows

Monday I took a planning day (no school) to catch up on writing down my lesson plans and remember Veterans Day (observed).  Wednesday we were back in action learning the letter L and all about scarecrows. We made really cute dancing scarecrows and practiced the sight word "I" and blending the sounds in the word "last".

 Snack was delicious, thanks MissT for bringing it!
 Next we worked on the L the Lizard art from the Amazing Action Alphabet.
 We started playing a sorting game called "Guess My Secret Rule".
 In the game, you put together a set of 4 items, 3 have a matching attribute and the last one doesn't match.  You have to guess what the secret rule was and what item doesn't match.  Try playing it at home!

 We will be playing this game with attribute blocks, but before encouraging them to create sets with the blocks we just played with them to discover their attributes.

 Preschool B is on a roll!  We're close to knowing the first 25 sight words solidly and will learn the last 15 of the set by early January (for the first 40 sight words - Dolch List).  We started playing a little game of Bingo with the last 18 words on our list to learn.
 There is a great app by Bob Books for Apple products that I'd highly recommend.  It takes scenes from the Bob Books and makes them interactive.  It's fun because they recognize the pages from books they've read and as we keep playing they'll start finding those pages in the new books that they'll be reading.

 Preschool B made dancing scarecrows as well.

 We're working in November on identifying, sorting and classifying 2D shapes.  Start throwing the shape vocabulary into your conversations - be sure to use rhombus, hexagon and trapezoid.

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