Monday, November 5, 2012

November Tot Packs Are Up!

NovemberTot Packs
Find the year long theme calendar {here} and follow along with us!
This post gives details and pictures of all November Toddler Packs. Be sure to scroll down to see all of them.
Tot Packs 12-15
Tot packs are about 20 pages in length. They each have 2 pages of activity ideas, book suggestions, and links to the materials I use. You can certainly use all or part of the lesson plans.
The printable pages include songs, matching games, drawing games and other activities.

Tot packs are designed to be a first introduction to math concepts, letters, shapes and colors. They are not meant to obtain mastery in any subject. Let them be a guide for educational play between you and your child.
12. Indians and Pilgrims {Download Here}

NOTE: This pack is meant as an introduction to Native Americans and Pilgrims. I have intentionally used the word Indian to introduce the letter I. Indian, however, is not an accurate description of Native Americans. For more information please see this link. There are also many different tribes of Native Americans that have very different traditions. Though the Pilgrims were in contact with the Wampanoag, this pack introduces ideas from many different tribes.

Printables in this pack:

· Two Piece Puzzles

· Indian Feather Headbands

· Native American Teepee Paper and Straw Craft

· Dream Catcher Lacing

· Letter I

· Songs

13. Scarecrows {Download Here}
Printables in this pack:

  • Color Matching Scarecrows

  • Scarecrow Body Parts

  • Location Word Book

  • Shadow Matching

  • Size Sequencing

  • Letter L

  • Spin a Scarecrow

  • Cornmeal Play-dough

  • Scarecrow Songs

14. Thanksgiving {Download Here}
Printables in this pack:
Handprint Turkey

  • Thanksgiving Dinner Plate - Trying New Foods

  • 3 Piece Puzzles

  • Letter L

  • Turkey Grid Game

  • Thanksgiving Songs and Poems

15. Animals in Winter {Download Here}
Printables in this pack:

  • Animals in Winter Songs

  • Tracing Winter Animals

  • Animals in Winter

  • Letter P

  • Cave Size Sequencing

  • Animals in Winter, a Short Path Game

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