Thursday, November 8, 2012

Home Made Dice

I like to make dice that apply to what we're doing and the needs of the kids I'm working with.  There are some awesome die that are magnetic and dry erase.  Though I once had these dice I put them "somewhere safe" when my toddler started eating the foam off the edges and now I can't find them :(.  There are also blank dice available.

I prefer to take wood cubes from our block collection (which is large enough that we haven't noticed the couple dozen cubes that have dissapeared).  I use a permanent marker and draw/write what I need on them. 

When making a 1-3 dice for toddlers I just draw 1, 2, or 3 dots on each side, repeating each number to make six sides.
 When making sight word dice I use a fine tipped permanent marker to write the words on each side.  The unfinished wood blocks that I use tend to make the marker bleed a little bit so using a fine tipped marker is important.

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