Thursday, November 29, 2012

Animals in Winter - Wednesday Preschool

We continued working on the letter P in preschool on Wednesday.
 We also set up a winter den with chairs and blankets.
 We are working on holding our writing instruments correctly and forming our letters.

 We play a game called guess my secret rule.  One person makes a set of 4 objects.  3 of them have to have an attribute that is the same, and the 4th one doesn't fit the rule.  The other person has to guess which one doesn't match.  We're getting better at making sets that follow these guidelines.  You can play this game at home with silverware or coins or other objects.  (3 spoons, 1 fork - What doesn't belong? Why?  ALWAYS ask why.)
 Practicing with our rhythm sticks.
 The preschool B schedule seems to be nearly the same every day :) I guess they like that order.
 Reading about gingerbread houses, towns and people.
 Reading about plants that eat bugs or are poisonous to people.
 Playing sight word bingo.
 Sorting crayons according to color to make gingerbread crayons.
 Watching the crayons melt in the oven into gingerbread shapes.  We'll get to play with them next week!

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