Thursday, November 29, 2012

Animals in Winter - Tot School Thursday

EMan and Lil'GalB loved the warm winter den made from chairs and a big blanket.
 Lil'GuyJ dropped his bowl on the floor during snack and was determined to pick up all the corn that fell out.  What a great helper!
 We're still learning how to use an open cup in tot school.  You can see a few wet kids in this picture :)  When it's warm enough to play outside again we'll get a lot of water practice.
 To learn about being cold we played with ice and the aquadoodle mat.
 Learning the letter P!
 Playing with the Animals in Winter Tot Pack.  We were tracing the lines with our fingers.
 Ice is cold!
 Lil'GalP was having fun reading the cards on the rocking chair.

 Lil'GalB was "helping" Lil'GuyD go upstairs at the end of the day.  It was so cute!
 Building a warm winter den out of blocks.

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