Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tot School Tuesday - Feelings

I hope everyone had a fantastic Labor Day.  We certainly had fun baking and organizing and then spending the late afternoon and evening with friends playing games!  School resumed today with Tot School Tuesday all about Feelings.  We started the day playing with lavender scented purple play dough that had dry rice embedded in it.  It was a new and interesting scent and texture for the kids.
 We also had dry rice with a couple of cups for scooping and pouring.
 The Feelings Tot Pack has some great recommendations for children's books about feelings.  I loved reading all of the books today!
 We also pulled out the mirrors (find them at the dollar store) and the kids loved them.  They were so excited to see their own reflections and practice making their faces represent different feelings.

 Snack time of peaches and tomatoes.
 We also loved exploring in the sandbox today!
 Sand is so tickley on little toes!
 We tried to listen to music as we were painting, but the batteries in my speakers were dead :( We enjoyed the painting none the less :)  And, I just have to say that I LOVE having the hanging art clips up on my fence. I can hook up the kids journals when they are done and we won't have anymore pages sticking together from wet paint.  Hurray!
 The peg board was also a great hit.  I couldn't find all of the pegs in my house, so I'll have to go on a hunt and make sure I can pull more out for class on Thursday.
 Our hand puppets helped us talk about different feelings.
 So soft and loving!
 Lil EMan loved playing with the tot pack.

 We also pulled out these awesome homemade stress balls.  I filled them with cornstarch so they were squeaky and the kids LOVED them even more than I could imagine.  There's a tutorial in the tot pack for making your own.

It was great to have the house (or backyard) filled with all the little voices again!

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