Monday, September 17, 2012

Opposites - Monday Preschool

Our theme for preschool this morning was all about opposites.  We also learned the letter A.  We made these great headbands from the Moffatt Girls.
 We played the sorting A's game.  If you haven't played on before you should play with your kids sometime.  There are a lot of fun elements.
 We pulled out the foam fingers today to talk once again about how we point at the words we're reading.
 Did you know you have a magic thumb?  I wrote the letter a on a circle sticker and put it one on each index finger (on the left hand).  When the thumb touches the index finger we make the /a/ sound.  I did the same for the letter m and put that sticker on the middle finger.  Everyone read 'am' as their first word today!  There is still a lot of exploring to be done to really understand the concept of reading, but we are well on our way to success!  Be sure to check out the Opposites Preschool Pack here.
 We practiced tapping out the words on our fingers.
 We talked about wet and dry chalk and black and white pictures in art today.
 It was so fun to say a pair of opposites like, "Black and white are..." and have the kids exclaim, "OPPOSITES!"
 Please be referencing the flip chart and CD from the Amazing Action Alphabet to review the letters we've learned each day.  So far we've learned M, T and A.  Can you child recognize those letters and tell you what sound they make?

I realized as everyone left today that I didn't take very many pictures this afternoon.  I had some quiet one-on-one reading time with each child.  We rotated reading time with the wood blocks center and it worked out really well.  We spent some time with the whole group singing some of the alphabet songs from the Amazing Action Alphabet and doing the actions with the sounds of each letter.

 We finished up our -at and -an word family unit from the Moffatt Girls and we'll be ready to move into -ig on Wednesday.

 Our new sight words are 'is' and 'can'.  Both words can be sounded out. 
 Here we are singing our Sight Words song to the tune "B-I-N-G-O".
Each kid also had the chance to get new books about their topic of study or pick a new topic of study.  As you read your companion reading books together encourage kids to read the sight words or tell you the letter name and sound of words and letters they know. 

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