Thursday, September 6, 2012

Feelings - Wednesday Preschool

What an interesting day of preschool!  It's rare that I only have 2 kids (neither of them being mine!).  We've had a bit of a cold running around our morning preschool class and the majority of the kids stayed home to not spread the germs.  We had a fantastic, although quiet, day.  Our morning activity included building with blocks.
 We read oodles of stories about feelings and emotions and used mirrors to look at the emotions we could portray.  I love that all day OB would say things like, "My angry face is broken."  It was so cute!  His happy face was working, and that's important :)

 We reviewed letter M from last week and worked on identifying uppercase and lowercase letters.

 We also traced M the Moose from the Amazing Action Alphabet.
 Art started out as finger painting, but neither of them really liked that so we pulled out paintbrushes.
 We worked on one-to-one correspondence and counting sets up to five with finger puppets.  Then the finger puppets went to the "zoo" and danced and played and talked about feelings.  AB's high pitched giraffe voice was so much fun!
 The emotion bean bags and bowls were a hit!  They wanted to play with them for the rest of the day.
 We also drew faces on the mirrors with dry erase markers.  In this picture, OB is trying to make his sad face work ;)
 We played the beanbag toss song which instructs you to put a beanbag on your head and walk around without letting it fall.  AB decided this game was more fun with a bowl. For all resources and lesson plans for preschool feelings check out the Preschool Feelings Pack.
 Afternoon preschool was a lot of fun.  It was slightly stressful since my youngest didn't want to take a nap.  He generally naps from 1-3:30 or even 4, but no nap today! Oiy!  We started by tracing our names in our folders.  If you aren't sending folders to school every day, please do so!
 I didn't get any pictures of our reading block.  We were so busy reviewing our sight words and how to sound out letters that I didn't have a chance to pick up the camera.  In art today, they decided that crayons, glue and glitter would be great art tools.  Needless to say, my basement now has a layer of sparkle :)

 We moved upstairs to ask questions and mark sight words in our encyclopedias. Please be reading and exploring your encyclopedias with your children.  We are going to start working more in depth on our interests next Monday.
 Snack time was sushi rolls.  Loved by some and not so much by others :) They didn't contain any fish, just carrots and cucumbers from the garden, paired with brown rice and wrapped in a roll I thought they were yummy :)
 Since EMan didn't nap we were able to enjoy playing the piano during music time.  I introduced the pattern of 2 black keys then 3 black keys and then let them explore.

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