Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dentist - Tot School Tuesday

Tot school was a lot of fun yesterday.  We learned all about the dentist.  We looked in mirrors and tapped our teeth (t-t-t).

 Snack time!
 Everyone was very interested in brushing their teeth with the *new* toothbrushes that I pulled out.  I had to encourage them to not put them in their mouths anymore after getting paint on them.  We "brushed" the bottom of egg cartons as teeth.  We used white paint to show how when you brush your teeth you clean off the germs and make them white.  They're still a little young to get the concept, but they really had fun!

 EMan picked up LilGalS's hat after she'd tossed it to the side and thought he was so funny!
 Dropping a toothbrush into a jar.
 Playing toss with the balls.
 Sandbox fun!

 Playing "Where is the Dentist?" from the Dentist Tot Pack.
 Here's the dentist!

 Lacing cards (flossing teeth!).
 He thought he was funny all day long :)
 "What!? Someone else has my hat?"
 More playing with the Dentist Tot Pack.  They had so much fun playing with this theme!

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