Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Animal Friends Tot School Tuesday

Tot School Tuesday about Animal Friends started way before all the kids came over.  I got up early to take a bread knife to a whole bunch of egg cartons :). 
 It was quite a chilly morning, so we stayed outside for a bit before heading in.  We painted our egg cartons and made them into ants.  You'll have to see the pictures in the next post of Preschool A making them for the tutorial.
 It's amazing how quickly your house goes from completely organized to chaos when a handful of toddlers enter the room to buckets of new toys :)
 I absolutely love this picture of Lil'ManT in the tiger mask.
 We made sock puppets, and I can't believe I don't have any other pictures of them.  They were so intrigued with the idea and the googly eyes and the pompoms.  Oh yea, a hot glue gun in my hand is why there are no more pictures :)
 We loved the stories about animals and learning the letter A.
 We also went "fishing"!
 We had a great day learning about animals, painting, and having a great day in tot school!

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