Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday Tot School - Dentist

Today's class was fantastic!  Lil'GalB is showing us where her teeth are:  
 The bikes are always more popular on Thursday's classes.
 In the sandbox today I was informed that they were "Bob the Builders" who build houses for mice :) So creative!
 Look at all that sand in Lil'GalA's shoe!  She was using her shoe as a bucket, sorry mom!
 We pulled out the Dentist Tot Pack right away and they loved doing the color matching toothbrush activity and playing with the 2 piece puzzles.

 The big ball was a source of excitement as we passed it back and forth and chased it around the yard.  Thanks Aunt Laura for a great gift that everyone loves!
 The playhouse always gets a lot of love and I'm so thankful to all of my awesome friends who gave it to me for my birthday this spring.  It's awesome! Now, if I could only have a few hours to devote to adding some support wood to the door so I can rehang it without being afraid that the kids will pull it right back off...
 Trying to get that sock back on...
 Everyone LOVED snack today!  We had beans (untouched by Lil'ManJ but devoured by EMan and enjoyed by the girls) corn and peas were loved by everyone.  They ate snack all gone, and I'd thought I'd brought enough out to feed two classes :)

 No one was interested in painting the egg carton teeth today. I pulled it out and all the kids went elsewhere to find something fun to do.  No problem!  The other art activity for today was "Tape Collages".  We started with just one child interested, then everyone else came to play really quickly.  I ripped of different lengths of different types of tape and they got to put the tape on their pictures.  It's a great fine motor skill to work on.

 Of course, it always ends in a little tape on the head or on the nose.
 Everyone got a new toothbrush today to finish our day about the dentist.  We had a lot of fun and are looking forward to going to the dentist office tomorrow for field trip Friday.
 Of course, Lil'GalA needed to head back to the sandbox at the end of the day.  I scooped her up from there and had to really convince her that yes, we needed to go inside. :) What a great day!  We'll see you all tomorrow at the dentist, or next week for class!

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