Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tot School - Summer Safari

Tot Summer Camp today can be primarily summed up in all of one word: Art.  We started with markers and then explored quite a few other mediums throughout the day.

 Putting the lids on and off of the markers is a great fine motor skill.

 We also used Do-A-Dot markers.

 Everyone wore a paint smock for the majority of the day.  We played with the slide, and a few different tents.

 As well as lots of animals.
 Snack today was the first harvest of very yummy tomatoes from our garden.  We most likely will not have more for quite a while since the hail storm took out the majority of our crop, but hopefully we'll have some by the end of summer!

 Exploring the Tot Pack (You can find it here.)
 Working on position words from the tot pack.

 Lil'GalR placing the hiker on top of the table.
 Lil'GalS really wanted to do more art, so out came the box...
 Lil'GalR decided that paint brushes must be utilized to put stylish colors in your hair.
 ...and Lil'GalS thought they might be for eating.

 See a need, fill a need :) Maybe I need a full body paint smock :)

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