Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Fun Tot Pack

Be sure to grab your copy of the Summer Fun Tot Pack today!
 Ever wonder what is inside the tot pack, or what you do with it?  It's a download that you get to print and turn into fun hands on activities to do with the little one in your life.  They are full of fun and educational activities for toddlers and even preschoolers.  I print all of the pages and then bind them together to make a "book" for each week.  I often take these to church with me and give EMan a wet erase marker to color all over them or play with the lacing cards or look at the pictures.  (If you are looking for an LDS "Book of Mormon" version of these packs I've found a great one here: I use this one with CJ)
 Each week the skills are different from the previous week.  This pack, for example, has some color matching pages and lacing cards.
 There are also some size sorting pages.  I tend to print 2 copies of these packs and leave one set whole (laminated and bound) and cut one set out (laminated, then cut again) and attach the pieces to the book with Velcro.  We tend to loose less pieces that way, and the whole week's curriculum is all in one place.
 I've added a few songs to each week and it's always helpful to have them printed so we can just flip to them and sing.  EMan can also pick which song he wants to sing/sign due to the picture association.
Check out this pack and other packs (preschool and toddler versions) at the Little Adventures Preschool Shop: Some items are free downloads and others have a small fee.  The small fee helps me cover the cost of clip art and I appreciate the support from all the education enthusiasts out there!

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  1. I would choose the summer fun tot pack because it looks like a lot of fun, and I live in hot Texas with four young children (1-9), and we are always looking for things to do in the "dog days" of summer.