Tuesday, June 26, 2012

First Swimming Lessons and Water Fireworks and Stamps, Oh My!

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Water Fireworks
 I Can Teach My Child posted a reminder on facebook about Fireworks in a Jar, and I'm so glad they did!
 We got right into our science experiment for the day during breakfast, the boys were so excited to make water fireworks!  Put a little bit of oil in a bowl and add a few drops of food coloring (my boys added more than a few).
 Mix it up with a fork to make the food coloring separate into little droplets in the oil.
 Carefully put the oil on top of a big jar of water.  As the food coloring dissolves in the water it makes cool "Fireworks" of color.  Since we added WAY too much blue that was all we could see without looking super close, so we tried it again with no blue and the red was cool, too!  They have much better pictures on I Can Teach My Child, but we certainly had a lot of fun exploring water fireworks.
Swimming Lessons
Little EMan getting ready to explore the pool.
 Yesterday CJ had his first swimming lesson.  We don't go to a pool back home, we just have a kiddie pool that the boys play in, so we've never really explored swimming.  Since my parents have a community pool and a good friend who used to teach swimming we've decided to teach CJ to swim in the next two weeks - think it will work?
Here we all are, ready to start swimming!
 I didn't take any pictures during the first part because I was juggling two kids in the water, but once EMan decided that it was time to get out I was able to snap a few.

 CJ did great for his first day.  He spent just over 2 hours in the water and didn't want to get out, but Miss Elizabeth and I were tired!  We blew bubbles after and captured the picture below, but I sure can't tell you what we were all looking at...
One of the great things about going to Oma's house is that she buys them interesting things to explore.  At Costco in the afternoon we found these stamp books and the boys had so much fun exploring them before going to bed.
 They stamped the stamps and stamped the ink pad and even stamped their hands!

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