Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summer Tot Camp - Freebie (Nursery Rhymes and Singing Times)

Ready for summer? Tot Camp starts on Tuesday at my house, and we're ready for 6 weeks of fun! Check out the free printable "Nursery Rhymes" that we'll be using Tuesday!

Nursery Rhymes and Singing Times Lesson Plans

Feel free to use all or any of these ideas according to your child’s needs and what you have on hand.

·         Act out Little Miss Muffet
·         Create a web obstacle course by threading string around and back and forth between chairs set in a large circle.  Crawl under it, walk through it, etc.
·         Build a Humpty Dumpty wall with blocks
·         Using Easter eggs filled with a few beans and glued shut, shake them back and forth as you say Humpty Dumpty.
·         Put smiley face stickers on your thumbs and sing “Where is Thumbkin?” If you don’t know the words shoot me an email and I’ll get them to you!
·         Sing Pat-a-cake

Printables in this pack:

·         2 piece puzzles, cut and laminate for durability.  Have your child practice putting the pieces together.
·         Hey Diddle, Diddle Sequencing
·         Hey Diddle, Diddle Shadow Matching
·         Nursery Rhymes and Singing Times Songs
·         Size Sequencing Little Dog
·         This Little Piggy Sequencing
*      Tracing Hey Diddle Diddle

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  1. Thank you for this resource. I was looking for some nursery rhyme sequencing cards.