Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tot Camp - Summer Fun

With so many mom friends who were interested in having their toddler have a couple of hours away from mom for the first time in a learning environment I created Tot Summer Camp.  6 days throughout the summer where 4 toddler girls join me and my two boys for some theme based play.  Today was the third day and as soon as I set the Tot Pack on the table they dug right in, knowing exactly what to do with it!
 We take all the pieces off of course!
 And start playing with these silly strings that are attached to pictures with holes :).  Our lacing cards were taken for walks, and swung in the air, and even laced!
 The location word book was a hit with all the pictures of balls.  I let them each hold a ball picture and they were carried around for quite a while.
 The size sequencing game was fun, but needed a lot more interaction from me.  We placed the 3 buckets next to each other and then I grabbed all three sizes of an item for them to sort them onto the correct bucket.  It was tricky, but a great first experience in sorting according to size.
 EMan doing the American Sign Language for "All Done" after lacing this tree.

 Lil'GalS loves the sandbox!
 And Lil'GalA was so proud of herself when she climbed up on top of this chair successfully.
 Lil'GalV and EMan were so adorable when they grabbed Lil'GalA's hands and walked to the playhouse for snack time.
 YUM!  Snack of homemade icecream was delicious!
We combined the following in the VitaMix:
Coconut Milk
Almond Milk
Agave Nectar
Then put it all in the ice cream maker - so yummy!

 Lil'GalA is doing the American Sign Language for cold because the ice cream was cold!
 Coloring is one of our favorite activities!
 CJ even traced his hand for the first time (that I've seen).
 Lil'GalV is learning the names of her colors and loves holding 2 markers at a time.
 Yep, I'm gonna ride this bike.
 Putting lids on markers is a great small motor skill to work on.
 And for the large motor skills - play with big yoga balls!
 All 6 kids in the sandbox at the same time!
 She didn't quite fit :)

 We pulled out the tot pack again and more and more kids came to play with us.

 EMan is learning through thinking time that putting sand in LilGalV's hair is not acceptable.

 Wee! What a great day in Tot Summer Camp!

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