Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wednesday Preschool - Gingerbread

Our gingerbread friends theme lasted for four classes (3 days) in our house.  We have gingerbreaded everything!  Preschool A started with gingerbread play-dough on Wednesday morning.
 We also colored with gingerbread scented and shaped crayons.
 We also enjoyed playing with the Gingerbread app on the iPad.
 Can you guess what we're doing?
 "Run and run as fast as you can!  You can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man!" - I believe they were all running from me :)  Which has now made me a "Monster" to my boys since then - and they run away at random times when they decide we're playing the gingerbread man game again.  It's so fun.
 And back to the sofa for some more fun with the iPad.
 We read "The Gingerbread Mouse" as a whole group.  We are working on being responsible for turning our own pages to be on the same page as the group.  It's great when everyone has their own book and can practice turning one page at a time, the right direction, and staying with the group.  They were so excited to read this story.  Everyone was able to take their book home to keep.  Please enjoy them!
 We then got to make gingerbread men just like in the story.

 And a gingerbread house was on the menu as well.


 We all drew gingerbread men after a little conversation about the shape of a gingerbread man.  A circle for the head.  And half ovals for the arms and legs. 
 After the drawing was done we were ready to paint our gingerbread men with scented home made paint.  They smell super yummy!

 We cycled back to our opening activities as we were nearing the end of our day and there was oodles to be cleaned up!
 Preschool B also enjoyed a gingerbread themed afternoon.  We explored the play-dough and were able to use some of the kid's kitchen tools that weren't able to come out before.

 We painted with that slimy paint and then cut out our paper into a gingerbread man shape.
 We spent a lot of time fine tuning our cutting skills by cutting out these gingerbread treat boxes, laminating them, and cutting them out again.  They turned out super cute!

 We also made lots of gingerbread cookies.  (EMan woke up from nap just in time!)

 Enjoying a healthy snack before having cookies.  VB got to have nap time at our house and joined us for the last little bit of preschool B as well.

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