Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Polar Express - Wednesday Preschool

It was Polar Express Day today in preschool.  I watched the movie last night with my boys and VB who was visiting for the evening.  Although I LOVE the book I don't love the movie.  It isn't quite right - there are added parts that change the main characters traits and there are added scenes (I'm sure to make the movie longer) that I think are scary and don't add value to the movie.  However, that being said, it still makes me tear up every time because it is such a wonderful story about the magic of Christmas.   

We read the book first thing this morning and then worked on sorting images according to the number of syllables each word had.
 Reading groups continued to work on the letter F for this week and blending letter sounds to read words.

 VB is tapping her tooth to remember the sound that T says.
 CJ points to the words that he is reading.  Encourage your children to do this all of the time.  It is very helpful.

 Check out that letter F!
 Snack time!

 We've moved into learning to mark the graphs rather than move the objects onto the graph.
 Preschool B also wanted to learn more about the Polar Express, Santa, Elves, and Reindeer.
 RS decided to create a hide and go seek game with a picture of an elf and a Santa.  She taught us how to play and we took turns hiding and seeking for the hidden pictures.

 Cutting out our 3D shapes for the day.
 I am totally impressed with EMan's cutting skills.  Though quite a few "important" things have been cut up in the last year, he has really mastered his cutting technique.
 Gluing together her rectangular prism   She loves building these shapes, and on the first day she wanted to take my shapes home, but every day since then she's decided to leave her shape collection on my window sill.  Silly RS!
 We strung necklaces with bells and beads.
 I love this little picture of EMan during music.  He was pestering me with this awfully annoying horn.  How come his nap was only 1 hour and CJ slept for 3?  That was a little backwards.  Oh well.

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