Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gingerbread Friends - Tot School Thursday

I'm really pleased with how our gingerbread crayons turned out.  We broke up all the crayons that were donated (thank you!) into gingerbread silicone molds, heated them in the oven, added a few drops of ginger and cinnamon oil, and let them cool.  Have leave a delightful scent and captured the attention of the whole group this morning for much longer than I would have ever expected.

 The crayons even made fantastic blocks!
 They also worked well as toys to retell the Gingerbread Man story.
 Having a healthy snack before eating our own gingerbread men.
 The gingerbread scented finger painting wasn't very well received today.  Lil'GalA had this reaction:
 and Lil'GalB poked a tad and then pushed her paper away.  Lil'ManD also poked a bit but decided if the girls didn't like it he didn't either, plus he really wanted his hands washed :)
 Playing with the lacing cards from the Gingerbread Friends Tot Pack.

 Everyone looked at their own book while I read "Gingerbread Mouse."
 We had a lot of fun with play-dough today as well.  We also played with rice, read more stories and played on the app on the iPad!  It was a very busy gingerbread day!

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