Sunday, December 2, 2012

August-December Tot Packs

Welcome to Little Adventures Preschool, Tot School! In my quest to homeschool my boys I've developed a curriculum that we'll be sharing throughout the year with our Tot School friends, you included! Tot school is a theme based exploration of books and manipulatives as a child's first educational experience.

Jumping on the Tot School bandwagon? Download all 19 August-December tot packs in one easy download. These packs are great for kids in the 15-36 month developmental age range. Kids older than 36 months will also benifit from playing the games. I know my 27 month old and my 47 month old love playing them together (in fact, they're a hot ticket item in my house). Enjoy!

This is aproximately 380 pages of tot packs to get you from August to December. For all of the pack details and pictures please see

These printable lesson plans include resources for the adult to bring the theme to life as well as pages for kids to manipulate to enhance their learning.

To see our year long calendar of themes {click here}. Each week a new tot pack will be available for download for you to follow along at home. If you've never seen a tot pack before they are a bundle of awesome. {Click here} to see a general outline of what my tot packs look like.

In a year of tot school (intended for 15-36 month olds) we'll be introducing so many new ideas! Children will be exposed to the alphabet through a letter of the week. They'll listen to many stories and explore books of all shapes and sizes. Scissors, crayons, markers, and craft supplies galore will introduce new creative outlets. A first introduction to basic math concepts such as shapes, quantities, location words, and patterns will be explored through manipulatives of all sorts. Science activities and social skills also make the list of things to explore. Students will learn all about music through play and song. If you have a toddler, this is the place to be. A step by step curriculum that will enhance your experience with them.

I create all of my lesson plans to share digitally with other homeschooling families and small classrooms. If your child attends Little Adventures Preschool you can easily supplement their learning at home by downloading the lesson plans. It will also give you a good idea about what we covered. I always plan more than we will ever actually get to so there is often a great idea within the plans that you can share with your child to extend their learning. You can find all of my toddler and preschool lesson plans here:

Find the year long theme calendar {here} and follow along with us!

Tot packs are about 20 pages in length. They each have 2 pages of activity ideas, book suggestions, and links to the materials I use. You can certainly use all or part of the lesson plans.  The printable pages include songs, matching games, drawing games and other activities. Tot packs are designed to be a first introduction to math concepts, letters, shapes and colors. They are not meant to obtain mastery in any subject. Let them be a guide for educational play between you and your child.

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