Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Polar Express - Tot School Tuesday

I really love the Polar Express theme.  The book holds a really special place in my heart and I love sharing fantastic literature with kids.  To watch a reading of the book go to: www.storylineonline.net 
 We "rode" in cardboard boxes like a train.  We also played with different types of jingle bells, comparing their sounds.

 Watching a reading of the book and playing with trains.
 Snack time!
 Playing with the Polar Express (Preschool Pack) Printables.  This is the Hop Along the Path Game, but I just used them as retelling images for tot school.
 Shadow matching the Polar Express story from the Polar Express Tot Pack.
 Sorting people and bells.
 We've started some very basic graphing, which is a lot of fun to see who "wins" or reaches the top first.  It is a very hands on adult led activity at this point, but still a fun group game.

 They love to scribble all over the packs when we're done playing the more formal version of the games :)
 We made quite a few individual tracks to avoid issues with sharing or breaking tracks apart.  We also colored with our gingerbread crayons again and read a few more books about snow.

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