Thursday, August 16, 2012

Where to find curriculum

Many of you are looking for the curriculum packs as soon as they are released.  That's great because it will give you a minimum of a week to prepare to teach it.

Have you noticed the tabs at the top of the blog? If you are following along at home you'll want to book mark the "Tot School" tab if you're looking for toddler curriculum and the "Preschool A" tab if you're looking for preschool curriculum. As each new pack is released they will be updated there, and quite possibly not featured on a blog post.

There will be oodles of packs coming out (about 40 tot packs and 75 preschool packs).  I've decided to feature the packs the week that we use them in my home, which will be about 2 weeks after they are available for you to download. 

So head on over and find what's new!
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