Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Finally Getting Organized!

I have a zillion (okay, 10) filing cabinet drawers surrounding my computer.  Five of them are dedicated specifically to the lesson plans and curriculum I'm developing for the upcoming school year.  Each of those five drawers have 2 months of curriculum in them, or at least... they will.  Right now I've accomplished organizing hanging file folders labeled with one class per folder.  This way I can sort books and ideas into their appropriate folder and ideas will not get lost in a pile of stuff.  If you are following along at home and would like to organize in this way feel free to download the template here.  Use them with Avery Template 5167 compatible label sheets.

This might be something completely silly to write about and share with you, but I feel so accomplished now that my piles are disappearing and I can start thinking in an organized manner :)  Enjoy!

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