Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Manners - Tuesday Tot School

The second week of Tuesday Tot School was a success.  It was awfully quiet since two of our Lil'Gals weren't able to come, but we certainly had a whole lot of fun!  We started off the day by playing with shape stamps and ink pads.

 Our theme was manners.  Download the tot pack about manners here. We pulled out the baby dolls to practice our manners with them.  Watching the kids play with the dolls was interesting.  We named parts of the face and put on and off diapers galore!
 We did a super cute hand print craft in their journals.  You'll get a copy of the poem in the printable, and for those of you with kids in my group you'll get to have their journals at the end of the year as a documentation of their growth and learning.
 I love how Lil'GalE was so intrigued by the ink pad.  She had mastered the stamps, but hadn't realized that she could put her hands in it.  Once we did the hand prints she was excited to keep making more hand prints.
 The sandbox is always a hit in tot school.  I believe they were collectively making a sand cake :)
 We continued our discussion of volume and we loved playing with the maracas!

 Some first handwriting practice! (also known as scribbling)
 Snack time was tomatoes and steamed zucchini. 
 We ended the day by reading stories about manners and playing with the tot packs.  We sang songs and explored setting the table and using our manners sign language.  It was a lot of fun!

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  1. I'm so sad we missed it. It looks like lots of fund.