Thursday, August 30, 2012

Manners - Tot School Thursday

Tot school was so much fun this morning!  We talked all about manners and how special we are.  The kid immediately loved exploring the nesting cups, measuring cups, and drinking cups that were set out for them to play with.
 We also loved this big new ball that EMan got for his birthday last weekend.  It is certainly a hit!
 Art time was really interesting today.  All the kids who didn't come to our tot school summer session were very leery of putting on the paint smocks.  In fact, two kids ran from me when I held it up for them :) After the old tot school pros put them on and started playing with the stamp pads the other kids were willing to put on the smocks in order to play with the ink pads.
 We stamped with shape stamps...
 ...and made these adorable hand prints!
 Snack time was a lot of fun with cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers all from the garden.  Yum!
We made these "I am Special" bracelets and everyone loved them for about 10 minutes, then I was handed them one by one as the kids moved on to other things :)
Story time was so cute because everyone wanted to read a book.  I was handing out books left and right.  While I read a story they were all mimicking me, so fun!

The chalkboard was certainly in need of some drawing since the sprinklers had washed away all previous art work.  Look at those great lines!

We sang and read and traced the letter M today.  Mmmmmmm!
Lil'GuyJ loved stacking these cups all day long!
We had a great day of learning!

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