Thursday, August 23, 2012

School Tools - Preschool

Wednesday was a wonderful second day of school for preschoolers.  We started out playing a few puzzles.  I like to start with something relatively simple that encourages kids to start thinking.
 We had learned our good morning song words on Monday, so I taught the sign language that goes with the song Wednesday.  They picked it up relatively quickly.  We learned:
 Next we read a cute little book that turned all the kids into Super Friends!  I just loved it at the end of the day when one of the kids ran to their mom and said, "Miss Amanda turned me into a super friend!" It was so cute.  Super friends have super powers.  Their super powers help them solve problems they might have with their friends.  They are powers like "Use Nice Words" and "Share".
 During art time we made super friend emblems for our shirts.
 We practiced cutting, hole punching, gluing and taping. 

 To practice the idea of a quantity of 2 we made lots of pairs of socks.
 We also played with our preschool pack about school tools.
 One of the greatest activities during music time is acting like animals.  Our focus for music in August is volume.  We read a fantastic book called Loud and Quiet an Animal Opposites Book.  We then proceeded to act like different loud and quiet animals.  For more fantastic ideas for the first week of school be sure to download the lesson plans!
 Preschool B dove right into math on Wednesday afternoon.  We focused on how to count sets.  We experimented with just looking at objects and counting in our heads, then touching each object when we said a number, and last we actually moved the objects when we counted them.

 We also started talking about the word "Equal".  We discussed how it means "the same".  Did you know that 2 is the same as 2?   Or that 2 is equal to 2? 
 Reading was so much fun!  It was a light bulb kind of day.  The kind of day where you can just see the light turn on inside a little ones brains.  We reviewed the sounds of the letters M, T, A, and S.  Then we worked on blending the sounds together to make words.  Each child is moving at their own pace, so some kids are working on letter sounds while others are mastering word families and sight words.

 For snack time we had eggs and vegetables.  First a quick lesson in cracking eggs...
 It's a tad harder than you think, but with one egg and a bowl each child eventually mastered it.  Way to go kids!
I just love the way preschool b is shaping up.  We're learning about friendship and how to work together and mastering all sorts of skills.  I can't wait to see these kids on Monday!

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