Friday, April 6, 2012

Windy Weather "W" week March 26-28

I have had a number of camera issues in the last two weeks and I apologize that I haven't gotten these posts up yet. Now that most of the camera issues are sorted I hope you enjoy a little over cap of our learning.
W the worm wiggles, "/w/ /w/ /w/"! Painting with condensed milk that was colored brown with food coloring:

After this picture I promptly dropped my camera which can no longer turn on :( Good thing it's my birthday in a few weeks and Steve has offered to let a new camera be on my presents list :) Until I get a new camera though, I'll be using his work camera - which I'm just now figuring out, and my Flip Video camera.
We spend a lot of time in the beginning of the year talking about how there is a "Mommy Letter" and a "Baby Letter" for each of the letters. Just recently we graduated to more formal language of "Capitol" and "Lower Case". While we were doing some wind blown painting "T" has a great realization that his name starts with a capital letter!
It was amazing how all the kids were completely thrilled when I pulled out the big box fan and gave them all a small handful of craft feathers. Instant wind in the kitchen! (and I'm still finding feathers :)

The second day that we were studying wind and weather we started out playing instruments to the "W Song" from the Amazing Action Alphabet.

We also worked on our reading with the "W Book" (also from the Amazing Action Alphabet)

When kids were done with snack they were allowed to go outside and investigate the weather for the day. They ended up investigating the dirt a lot more :)
We really enjoyed playing the "W Catcher" game.  Kids ran from one side to the other making the /w/ sound.  Once they got the hang of that a child was picked to stand in the middle of the lawn with me and catch a "W" as it wiggled by.  Then that "W" was the child to stand by me.  Such a simple game, but they had so much fun!

We've also moved onto module 3 of our Touch Math PreK curriculum which starts with very basic graphing skills. We're working on the basics - like putting all the same shape in the same column or row. And putting them all right next to each other without leaving spaces to be able to properly compare amounts. They seem to like putting the shapes on like a hat or in a row.
As we continue to work on Spring topics we look forward to learning more about parts of a plant - stay tuned for a book giveaway on the topic coming soon!

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