Friday, April 6, 2012

Out in the Country

Do you have dreams of child-led learning? So do I. I have experience teaching in the public school system and I honestly loved it. When I had my oldest son "C" now 3 years old I felt completely torn. I knew leaving teaching would be difficult and sometimes pull at my heart strings, but there was no way in the world that I would leave my son with someone else to raise him. I live for the education of and mentoring of young children. I have a belief in education that if you can teach them how to access knowledge though such skills as basic reading, writing, and math - they can, and will, learn more through their natural curiosity. I dream of starting a very small school of students who are interested in a little "off the path" education. Part of that dream sits in a project we are currently developing. Some friends of ours are actively looking for acreage to build their dream self-sufficient life. We'd love to get property right next to them to do the same, and start our school.

Right now I have one preschool class (Preschool A). We are learning the basics of education in a traditional school atmosphere of teacher directed themes and activities. Next year, most of this years students will return to attend Preschool B, a more "unschooling" approach to schooling before starting Kindergarten the following year. Preschool B will prepare students for any type of education (traditional, homeschooling, etc) but only after mastering Preschool A - the building blocks of education. There are a few more spots available for preschool starting in the fall, so if you live nearby and would like a high quality experience for your 3-5 year old please contact me. I look forward to enlightening your child's life. Prospective students and their families will have a full tour of our facility and the option of a free trial day for the child (before the end of May) to see if we're a good fit. Since I took so many photos when we were out looking at property last week, I made a little video of them. Can't you just imagine creating an intensive yet FUN and Child-Led Learning environment here?

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