Monday, April 23, 2012

Mud and Worms

Wow!  Were we crazy excited about mud and worms or what?  I apologize that it has taken so long for me to post this.  Life has been crazy!  If you aren't following us on Facebook be sure to do so now.  When life gets extra crazy I post there first to keep everyone in the loop.
We started our day with some learning about mud and worms. And honestly, I could hardly keep their attention. They knew we were going to go out to the garden and play in the mud and didn't want to spend a single second longer learning anything inside!  This little video surely caught their attention for the all of 30 seconds it is long though.  Watch some real worms!
 For snack we spent some time discussing candy worms versus real worms.
 And then ate our candy worms in chocolate pudding :)

 When we first started the water everyone was surprisingly cautious about getting dirty.
 That changed though as the puddles began to grow and "R" was the first to jump right in!
 Of course, "T" discovered he could give himself a mud shower and "M" was the first to sit in a puddle :)

 We had a lot of fun making mud pies and painting our arms (okay, letting all the kids paint Miss Amanda's arms) and manipulating the dirt to make a river.  I kept EMan with me today since I knew how much he would love it.
 Look at those dirty girls!
 "T" was covered from head to toe.  Sorry about all that dirt in the hair mom!

 Right about eleven we had a casualty.  "C" slipped in the mud and hit his face on the wood spool that we use as a kids table.  It was the sort of thing that I would have taken him right to the doctor if I didn't have 6 other kids running around.  After cleaning it up and putting some ice on it the swelling stopped the bleeding and we didn't end up going to the doctor at all. 
 I'm actually quite impressed that now (Sunday) it is healing up quite nicely.
Since I focused on dealing with "C's" owie and had to get everyone cleaned up and ready to go home I failed to get pictures from the rest of the day.  Shorty after "C" fell the rest of the kids found some worms (it surprised me that it took so long actually) and made some observations of them.  We also took hose "showers" and sent everyone to different bedrooms and bathrooms throughout the house to change into some clean clothes to head home.  We really did have a lot fun!

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