Monday, April 23, 2012

April Showers Monday the 16th

Last Monday we talked about April Showers.  We learned all about the water cycle and how it rains so often in April.  We watched this short video from Scholastic about the water cycle.  In fact it is so awesome that they voted to watch it twice :)
 Since this week was a review week and there wasn't a new letter to learn we worked on reading our pre-reader books.  Pre-readers are considered a guided reading level (GRL) A.  They are books that have repetitive text with supporting picture clues that kids memorize once you read it to them a couple of times and they can "read" it back to you.  There are only a few words that students can actually "sound out" but they are able to identify one-to-one correspondence and beginning letter sounds that match the pictures.  The book we worked on today is called, "The Rain Rained." Each page repeats, "The rain rained on the ______." Fill in the blank with: house, dog, tree...etc.

 Yum!  Popcorn for snack!
 We are continuing to work on our Touch Math Module 3, which is, "Sorting, Classifying, Graphing, and Patterns".  We're coming closer to the end as we master patterning. 
 With the lacing pattern blocks we worked on AB patterns.  We talked about the similarities between remembering the words for our repetitive books, and remembering which block comes next.
 I was impressed with "A" today when she picked two different shapes of the same color and was able to correctly pattern them according to shape.  The rest of us used 2 different colors to have a little more obvious visual discrimination.
 We utilized Dawn's "April Showers Preschool Pack" over at Our Little Monkeys.  She always seems to have just the right set of printables for my lessons.  Thanks Dawn!
 Patterning in the cut and glue form.
 Singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider :)

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